Contract Furniture

16 Jan 2024


Contract furniture is made especially for commercial use in a variety of situations, including the hotel, leisure, and care industries. In general, contract furniture is more robust, useful, and flexible than residential furniture, and it must adhere to strict safety, quality, and sustainability standards and laws. Depending on the style and nature of the venue, contract furniture may include desks, chairs, tables, couches, beds, cabinets, and more. In order to accommodate their clients' unique requirements and tastes, several contract furniture manufacturers furthermore provide bespoke and tailored furniture options.

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What style is contract furniture?

Contract furniture can be in any style that you like just like the furniture for your home. Here a Pubstuff we have a wide range from our traditional Chester style sofas to our more modern garda tables. There is something here for every venue no matter what style or size they may be. Unlike other companies Pubstuff makes your product unique to you through having our own upholstery team. This allows you to find a fabric which fit in with your venue, not just having to stick with regular designs.

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Contract furniture can also be offered in bundles making it easier for you to get a cohesive look throughout your venue. If you want to get a simple elegant design that will all match sets can be the perfect way to go. We have a sales team which can talk you through your ideas and find the best commercial furniture to match what you are looking for.

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Commercial furniture doesn’t have to just be interior we also offer outdoor commercial furniture. Our range of classic picnic benches to our riviera sets. There is something that will suit your outdoor area making a stylish and comfortable area for your customers.


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