Contract Furniture Finance

18 Feb 2021

It's Important to keep your Hospitality venue looking good. In the digital age, reviews are crucial to the reputation of your business.

How can Contract Furniture Finance Help?

You need to keep your establishment and furnishings in excellent condition, keeping up with the latest trends and having the available cash to sink into a large expensive refurbishment project can be daunting. High-quality contract furniture is not bargain budget!  Choosing cheap alternatives is a false economy as you will only find yourself with tired looking furniture that will need replacing much quicker than you had bargained for. By leasing, you are able to spread the cost, obtain excellent high-quality and purpose-built furniture at your finger-tips.

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Contract Finance Advantages

Styles change, trends come and go. By leasing, you are able to update your furniture more frequently before it starts showing excessive signs of wear. While many outgoings and costs can vary with set monthly payments agreed upfront in your leasing agreement you will always know what your monthly cost will be. By entering into a leasing agreement rather than utilising loans or overdraft facilities, these other lines of credit are protected and remain available should you need them for unforeseeable expenses.

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Tax Benefits

The payments you make as part of your lease agreement are 100% allowable expenses, reducing your taxable profit. Whether your hotel, bar or restaurant needs a full refurbishment, freshening up or modernising with some new loose furniture, leasing can facilitate the cost to implement this without loosing your ability to offset against your tax.

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