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How fabric can change the look of furniture

Far away are the days when all pubs, clubs and bars wanted matching chairs and stools covered in a dark maroon dralon. With the advent of more female and family friendly spaces our pubs have been transformed by the fabrics on the furniture chosen by the modern landlord or contract designer.

A fine selection of seating fabrics

From humble plains, leathers and swirls our customers are now demanding more and more choice.

It’s true that our customers are Mad for Plaid! And we have responded in the best possible way with the introduction of a beautiful range of Abraham Moon wool designs.

In soft charcoals and rich reds this coordinating palette suits modern and traditional venues adding warmth and style to everything it touches.

From the most traditional stool or bar chair through to more contemporary cubes and side chairs our Abraham Moon wool tartans soften the hardest hearts (and bottoms!). Introducing Aspen in Charcoal or Natural, Banff in Red/Black and Red/Natural, Fernie Red, and jasper in Red/Black or Red/natural- a great range of choices which can be paired with plains or other designs from the Pub Stuff Fabric range (Fabrics from many other manufacturers are also available)

There’s no easier way to create the perfect environment and delight your customers than by introducing either an eclectic splash or a full on assault of this traditionally Gaelic covering.

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