February Newsletter

8 Feb 2024

What a start to the year! We felt a strong sense of community, and it was inspiring to watch the industry's unwavering perseverance. We have a number of new goods coming out this year, including our outdoor Bude range, which is ideal for getting your gardens ready for spring, and our bistro range, which is expanding in bar and dining. This month, we designed multiple magnificent venues for even more great owners. We are excited for the most romantic month of the year, February, and hope you are all ready for Valentine's Day. If not, contact our sales team to receive the high-quality furniture you require.

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This month was an amazing start to the year and we hope you all had time to relax in your quieter winter month. We would like to remind all of our fantastic customers that we can now deliver to Ireland easier than ever! So please be in touch if you have any questions as we can’t wait to see your lovely venues in Ireland.

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We went to the January furniture show this year! We loved getting to see all of you and seeing the industry come together!

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The Griffins Head The Griffins Head is a bar located in the picturesque village of Mears Ashby. The charming new owners completely renovated this bar. They have restored this tavern to its former status as the village's social hub, attracting visitors from all over. They have contributed back to the community in the short time they've been there, demonstrating that they are a caring and inviting venue. They have held charity events to raise awareness and help those in their neighbourhood. They chose a variety of elegant, high-quality Avon bar chairs in bison charcoal for their magnificent, well-stocked bar. They used a mix of Lisbon dining chairs upholstered in matching fabric and Avon dining chairs throughout their venue. The high quality Lisbon makes for an ideal seat to sit and relax on. The Avon dining chairs provide comfortable seats while also providing adequate space for a comfortable dining experience.

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What are your favourite fabrics for a fresh look this year? We have picked our top 3. Design names from left to right: Tiverton Carmine, Enchanted Garden Damson, Manila Cassis

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