Furniture finance for your venue

23 Jul 2020

If you’re thinking about new furniture, you’re going to be looking closely at the prices and working out how to finance your project.  As a business owner this is a constant thought process looking at cash flow and balancing the need against the benefits new furniture will make to your venue.

A sustained 30% uplift can be expected from a general refurbishment but sometimes it’s even better. At Pub Stuff, our aim is to give our customers their final goal in the most cost effective way. Here’s what Claire at The Horseshoe had to say about her recent project:

“We are absolutely thrilled the pub is transformed we have increased our sales 65-70%, it looks traditional, warm and modern. We can’t wait to start on other pub with the help of Pub Stuff’s designs….”

When it comes to financing your project, you may want to consider a lease purchase arrangement and spread your costs over a period of time. Pub Stuff work closely with Kennet Leasing so that we can offer our customers furniture finance. Kennet Leasing are leaders in their field and have a great reputation in securing finance for both established and new start up businesses.

Here is a link to the Furniture Finance calculator on the Pub stuff website which can help you decide if this is the option you feel suits you. Follow this link and play around with figures to see an accurate representation of what the furniture finance payment structure could look like:

It’s a simple process and we are here to help. Just call our friendly sales team – tell us what you’ll need and we’ll handle the rest. Someone from Kennet will contact you quickly and before you know it you’ll be experiencing business growth just like Claire.

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