Holiday Park Furniture

25 Jan 2021

The holiday park is an integral part of the cultural history of Britain, with lots of us having some sort of memory of holidays in the blustery sea breeze. With the increase of staycations in the face of more environmental awareness, weak currencies & political concerns, the holiday park has become an increasingly popular choice for those of us looking for a UK break.


There are 4 main key areas to a Holiday Park that will be designed to "make a statement" for it's purpose. Using a blend of colours and textures, a need to strike a balance between the design aesthetics and the practicality of heavy footfall moving through all areas.



Just like in a hotel the reception area is the heart of the facility, it’s the place where every visitor has to visit, where all business associated are hosted and the holiday park owners operate. This area is usually furnished with a blend of soft seating and comfy sofas. Low tables are used for guests to relax with coffee whilst waiting for events and activities.



Everything from the way the guests arrive at the restaurant to the colour grade & the lighting has an impact on the overall experience and indeed the taste of the food! Naturally this means, better design, more sales! The restaurants and Bar areas usually have an injection of colour in the chairs to tie in with the colour scheme chosen. They are usually bright and airy spaces with a mix of materials and fabrics on seating and tables. Chosen carefully to be both robust and easy to clean.



Entertainment spaces have a huge opportunity to produce revenue as they are ever changes spaces. There is less fixed seating in these areas therefore easily reconfigured to each event. The emphasis is very much on fun therefore bold colours and prints are used to reflect this. Comfortable seating is essential for prolonged stays during day and evening events.



Caravans & Lodges

Whether it’s a static caravan to rent, or a holiday lodge the interior design is crucial to the guest experience. A well designed interior can help the operators to market their accommodation online via pictures, encourage positive word of mouth and ultimately helps to rent it. Park accommodation is decorated with softer colour pallets with just an injection of colour in the soft furnishes. Sofas and chairs grouped together offering a relaxing space whilst using more Industrial designs on dining tables and chairs to add style and trend.


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