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24 Nov 2021

When looking to buy furniture for your hotel, there are plenty of things you must consider. It is important that Hotel furniture is timeless, as you don’t want to be redesigning your hotel repeatedly.  

‘Timeless’ – not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

As a hotel, restaurant, or bar, it is crucial that careful consideration is taken to be successful in attracting guests. At Pub Stuff, we make choosing high quality, robust, timeless yet affordable furniture our number one priority, which incorporating the upmost style.

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Timeless Design

Finding Hotel furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing, whilst offering utmost comfort is where timeless furniture pieces are in a league of their own. If you are looking to create a warm, welcoming reception area, or a relaxing corner within a bedroom, pairing the beautiful Lisbon or Banbury dining chair, with a luxurious Spitfire or Chesterfield will be the perfect way for guests to rest and relax.

Colour psychology in hospitality design and hotel furniture is closely linked to emotions. This can be from hints of yellow tones signifying joy and happiness, to amber and orange elements to create warmth, colour is essentially a powerful interior tool.  Timeless design interiors often feature more soft, neutral tones, creating a feeling of tranquillity and peacefulness, neutral tones lend themselves to a variety of different environments, effectively becoming timeless furniture as they are moveable and interchangeable to different locations. We have a whole host of Pub Stuff fabrics to fit all the above criteria to ensure you are creating the perfect atmosphere with your hotel furniture.

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For something to be timeless, it can be practical and flexible in terms of location and use. For instance, wooden Coffee tables and Dining tables have extreme longevity and become an item of timeless furniture. Take the beautifully simplistic Farmhouse Dining Table for instance, this is something which, if cared for could be used for years.

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