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15 Jan 2024

Welcome back to a fresh new year! We hope you had an amazing Christmas and spent time in your amazing venues. We know that the busiest time of the year is always a hectic time, so now is your chance to sit and relax as the busy season cools off. Maybe this is a new year and a new look? Are you looking to take advantage of this quieter period to spice up your venue? We are staring this year off to a flying start and so should your venue! We can't wait to be working another year in this amazing industry!

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We wanted to say thank you to all of our amazing customers who continue to support us. We have an exciting new year ahead of with some amazing venues such as new hotels and restaurant renovations. We have exciting new products on the way this year to keep up with trendy new styles. So keep an eye out for what we have coming!


This fabulous snapshot shows how stunning a table can look when dressed to impress! The mix of bright and funky colours really bring this traditional venue showing a creative spark.

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The Mill Thatcham The mill tavern is in the small town of Thatcham. This lovely pub allows to be the heart of the community and gives people a place to come together and have a unforgettable night. They are often hosting events such as band to get you dancing on a Friday night to BBQs in the summer for a perfect summer vibe. This pub has had a huge refrub giving the whole venue a fresh new look. It is the perfect venue to go for a hearty lunch and fill up on amazing food and drink. There is something on the menu for everyone, especially if you are into the classic pub food.The mix of chars in their dining area is the perfect example of how mix and max throughout our range here at Pubstuff. They have been able to have a range of dining chairs such as Henley’s and 1960 paired with Oslo’s, all tying together with carefully picked fabric.The booths in this venue allow for families and friends to have a bit more intimate space where they can be comfortable. The booths allow thew perfect space to sit back and relax while having a good night with the family. The quality of these booths allow venues to rest assure that they will withstand the busiest night well into the future. By having a mix of singles and doubles it allows to fit in extra seating while looking fresh and stylish.

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What are your favourite fabrics for a fresh look this year?We have picked out top 3. Design names from left to right: Lilium Heather , Mizu Emerald, Manila Cassis

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