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13 May 2021

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The news we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, confirmation that hospitality can indeed open its doors to the public once again from May 17th! Although the unseasonably cold weather put something of a dampener on the long-awaited reopening of pub and restaurant gardens, customers wrapped up in jumpers and blankets to ensure they didn't miss out, with many venues being fully booked way in advance. If the initial outdoor trade is anything to go by then opening the doors fully should help to catapult businesses back into a much-needed place. The Hospitality trade have taken this opportunity to re-vamp garden spaces and refurbish venues helping to attract new and existing custom back into the business. Our team are on hand to help you do just that and have the best summer ever!

Featured Products

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Flexible Seating

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Flexible Seating

Cube and Cylinder seating has grown in popularity due to its flexibility and contemporary design. The Cubes can be put together in many different shapes to accommodate ever changing group sizes and encourage social atmosphere in communal areas. Easily stackable and stored, they also offer flexibility to spaces with multiple purposes. The Cylinders add interesting shapes to your designs and as with the Cube, are easily tucked away when out of use. The modular seating we manufacture in the UK is made with solid wooden frames and upholstered in only the most hard-wearing contract fabrics and faux leathers. Affordability and durability are important in any industry and they offer that in spades! The choice of fabrics and colours is just as important as the seats themselves. For example colleges and universities may choose team colours for a sense of solidarity in recreational areas, offices often choose bright colours to stimulate ideas and brain activity. Hospitality use complimentary fabrics to tie in with existing schemes, giving them a coherent message throughout the venue. Whatever you choose, these seating alternatives can be invaluable options.

Recent Projects

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The Crown Tiddington

This project was entirely created by Pubstuff, from the design elements to the products themselves. The Crown was looking for a complete change, they wanted colour and depth to create a warm and inviting environment for their customers. Deep blues and exotic greens were used to add drama and a richness to the scheme. Rich flora fabrics and contrasting architectural prints were used to marry the design together. Luxury velvets gave warmth and comfort to the Avon dining chairs, and rich colours were chosen for the Fleming leather sofa and Spitfire armchairs. Textiles by Iliv and Clarke & Clarke were used alongside contrasting Saddle colours for practicality and longevity. Cambridge cross back chairs coupled with painted Boston and Stowe tables have given lighter elements to darker corners. Soft seat padding highlighted with the key design colours allow continuity and flow. The introduction of statement wall hangings and interesting objects with low moody lighting, it has style and personality combined! 

The Elegance of Wood

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Wood Finishes

The finish you choose is just as important as the product. Choose from one of our beautiful wood finishes to capture the atmosphere you would like to create. From Dark Walnut with a part matt finish to give a modern, contemporary feel or a premium Vintage finish for a classic heritage look. Soft Oak gives back a light and bright reflective finish and the more muted Weathered Oak is increasingly popular for that premium edge. 


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The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

With social media being ever more prevalent to the success of your business, it is important to show case your venues to attract new trade. Why not share with us images of your new and recent projects we have worked on together and let us promote and tag you in future posts! Pop over some fab pics today with your Venue's name and location and we can put you in our "Hall of Fame" promoting your business and inspiring our customers.

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