Metal Tables

13 Apr 2022

There’s a good reason that metal tables have quickly become a front runner in popularity. From being incredibly hard wearing to eco-friendly and surprisingly affordable, here are some reasons to consider using metal tables in your venue.

Why choose metal tables?

Metal table bases have a long-lasting nature which makes them ideal as a bar or restaurant table base as they can withstand lots of foot traffic and being moved around for functions and layout changes. They are naturally heavy and give great stability, making them the perfect choice if you need to support a heavy tabletop. Not only this, but they are also extremely robust which is good news for all venues.

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Due to their material, they can even be used outside, so along with their weight, this makes them ideal for use in windy conditions.

Maintaining and cleaning metal tables is very simple, in fact you should only need to dust and wipe down your table bases with a damp cloth to keep them looking great.

Because of the longevity of a cast iron table base, many owners keep theirs for many years, meaning less waste is generated. When it does finally come time to replace these bases, iron is easy to recycle and can be melted down and made into new products. Also, with a long lifespan it’s good to know that meta tables are easy to customise to fit in with any change in décor or purpose. The easiest and most cost-effective way to update them is by switching the top. You can even paint them to make a change from the traditional black to fit with the colour scheme of your space.

This is all not to mention how good they look!

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Metal bases have a certain elegance and traditional feel to them, no matter how much or little decoration features in the design. Even better, these bases look great paired with almost any style of chair whether wood, metal, or plastic.

There is a lot of choice available when it comes to matching your metal table base to the style and décor of your establishment. Pub Stuff offer a variety of options, from the more traditional to then modern styles. We also offer a large range of heights– including coffee, dining,  and poseur bases.

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