Cube and Cylinder Seating

15 Apr 2021

Modular seating is a modern concept to maximising space and layout of communal areas.

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Cube and Cylinder seating has grown in popularity due to its flexibility and contemporary design. The Cubes can be put together in many different shapes to accommodate ever changing group sizes and encourage social atmosphere in communal areas. Easily stackable and stored, they also offer flexibility to spaces with multiple purposes. The Cylinders add interesting shapes to your designs and as with the Cube, are easily tucked away when out of use.

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Popular Venues

These flexible gems reach much further than just Hospitality. Popular in the hospitality sector, they are often used as space saving ideas to increase seating capacity or as a method of zoning more social areas away from formal dining etc. Office spaces and Educational settings use them more as seating systems, grouped together in social configurations to encourage interaction and debate.

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Durability and Design

The modular seating we manufacture in the UK is made with solid wooden frames and upholstered in only the most hard-wearing contract fabrics and faux leathers. Affordability and durability are important in any industry and they offer that in spades! The choice of fabrics and colours is just as important as the seats themselves. For example colleges and universities may choose team colours for a sense of solidarity in recreational areas, offices often choose bright colours to stimulate ideas and brain activity. Hospitality use complimentary fabrics to tie in with existing schemes, giving them a coherent message throughout the venue. Whatever you choose, these seating alternatives can be invaluable options.

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