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13 Dec 2023

This company's bread and butter is pub tables and chairs. We used to salvage and recycle old pub furniture when we first started out. The furniture industry has evolved alongside us over the years. We're seeing more and more of their adventurous fabrics and designs used to liven up settings.

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When thinking of pub furniture what comes to mind? Is it the traditional bar stools or maybe a classic chesterfield sofa? Over time we have seen the traditional English pub tables and chair develop and we have loved developing with it. We have seen all types of venues throughout the years of working in this industry, yet we still are being surprised by the amazing venues in the hospitality industry.   (Images shown are for dialogue purposes and are not always directly associated with pub stuff)

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The new modern style furniture has been an exciting adventure and has helped us grow into the businesses we are today. the ranges from our stylish Cortina sofas to provide the perfect pub seating to 

For a classic pub look we often see our chesterfield style sofas or our classic Luigi dining chairs. Our pub tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a pub so getting reliable good quality furniture is a must. We have a range from our barley twists to our more modern garda tables, there is something for everyone.

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Pub tables and chairs are relevant outside too and here at pub stuff we have an exciting new metal rage coming out next year. Making for an even wider selection to fit your venue perfectly. The options with our laminate tops create for a wide range of styles along with our classic picnic style benches. We offer a large range here making sure all of our customers are happy and can get the look they desire. 

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