Restaurant Booth Seating

11 Apr 2022

If you were offered the choice between a seat at a regular table or an upholstered cushioned booth, which would you go for? You’d take the booth seating, wouldn’t you? Well, so would almost everyone.

Restaurant booth seating creates a win-win situation for restaurant owners and their customers. Not only will the restaurant look better and seat more customers, but it will also ensure customers enjoy their dining experience that little bit more and increase the amount they spend in the establishment.

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Here are 4 reasons to choose booth seating for your restaurant, bar or cafe:

1. Comfortable and cosy

Pub Stuff booth seating is made up of upholstered seats with foam padding which makes them much cosier than a wooden-back chair and comfort is a big part of the dining experience for most people. Therefore, comfortable customers often equal happy customers.

2. Private dining – VIP feel

We all mainly like booths because they create a feeling that we are separate from the rest of the restaurant, that we are in some way special or lucky. Even though we’re out in public, most of us still like a bit of personal space to enjoy our time with our family and friends, and booth seating enables us to do this like no other. Booths can also lessen sound in a restaurant making it easier to have a conversation. Some customers like the intimacy of being able to sit closer to their companions, if they have smaller children or are perhaps on a date. 

3. Seat more guests

Booths can go back-to-back so take up less room than table and chair configurations. With booths you don’t need to worry about leaving ample room for guests and waiting staff to be able to walk in between tables and chairs.

4. Creative layouts

The great thing about booths is they can be laid out in various ways to segment a restaurant, create different atmospheres and, of course, form great interior design. As well as the traditional method of lining booths up back-to-back, ‘floating’ booths can create a great look in the centre of a restaurant too.

Pub Stuff Restaurant Booth Seating comes in either a Single or Double design and in stock in two different Faux leather fabrics, Espresso and Tan, which are both very neutral colours to fit every venue. Whether you want to create the private areas for diners or purely for space and style, booth seating is a great option.

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