Restaurant Tables

2 Aug 2021

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right dining tables for your restaurant.

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Style and Design

The design and style of your restaurant tables are just as important as the chairs you put with them. For a rustic themed space you may decide to go for a more traditional Farmhouse style. Modern and contemporary settings work well with sleek structured tables and contrasting materials like metal with wood.

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Restaurant tables need to accommodate your diners comfortably whilst seated. A standard height is between 740mm-750mm and will allow the right seat to elbow ratio for the vast population. Anything lower or higher than this would be considered too "casual" for a restaurant setting and better placed in bar and social areas. The correct height is important to get right, particularly in fine dining.

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The space you are working with will play a huge part in choosing the right tables. Consideration of maximum covers your restaurant can supply, the shape of your dinning areas, and space for service to move freely around without infringing on the customers experience. Square and rectangular tables are used to easily reconfigure around group sizes. Round tables are useful for awkward spaces and to avoid too regimented layouts.

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