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6 Sep 2023

As summer comes to an end a busy autumn is coming our way. With the rugby world cup commencing it’s the perfect time to prepare and get extra seating in the busy time to begin. we have a range of bar stools making it perfect alternative compared to your standard dining chair. While the rugby matches aren't on it's the perfect time to take a moment and sink into one of our chesterfields. Let yourself relax and take the time to enjoy our range of furniture in your venue.

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Exciting News! 

We are excited to be coming together with Annaghmore! Their business has been established from 1977, they have grown their family business much like we have. Both of us being customer driven we wanted to join together to reach more of our amazing customers. We are based in Oxfordshire England but now are expanding and will be distributing through Annaghgmore to the whole of Northern and Southern Ireland. By coming together we are able to grow and continue our family businesses, while being able to supply our beautiful products to more people. Can’t wait for what the future holds! If Annaghmore and Pub Stuff can assist you in anyway please contact either office. 

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As university students start to fill up our cities and the pubs show the rugby September is going to be a busy month for our venues. Making sure there are enough seats for everyone may be a challenge. This is where we rely on our versatile furniture whether it is stackable or a bar stool by adding in poser tabled can help add dimension to a space but also allow people to perch. The poser tables allow people to stand and lean while also having the bar chairs can give a comfortable place to sit. Bar stools and cubes are perfect for extra seating and can be easily moved around making them ideal for busy venues. Or products like our Cambridge or surf chairs it allows them to be stacked which leads to making space again in the venues quieter hours.

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Order now! The kensington Dining Chair brings an edgy modern look to a venue. It features a comfortable padded seat and backrest and it can be upholstered to suit any design scheme. The result is a contemporary style that adds luxe design without compromising on comfort. It it a versatile chair which can suit a range of different venues. The fabric allows for a soft natural look and is perfect for creating a stylish and contemporary look for your venue.

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A big congratulations to the reopening of the Oak and Black dog! The refurb of the pub has gave a fresh look to this village and allowing their locals to come together again. This pub really is in the center of the community and we wish them the best on their new and exciting journey. Pubstuff loved this look due to the Texas chairs making a lovely addition paired with the Avon dining chair. The fabric choice for this venue fits perfectly and incorporates the colours from the lovely beams. All of the pieces in our weathered oak making them all tie in together creating a flow throughout the venue.  

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Scandi style is known for its Nordic style but can often be taken and adapted to be more versatile for our venues. A hint of Scandi style can add class and all for a clean fresh look. As autumn is on the way and we wind down the summer Scandi can keep an area looking fresh and light while embracing textures and softer furniture. This style focused on clean lines and more minimalist looks making an area not feel overcrowded and more airy. 

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What are your favourite scandi patterns? These prints are able to add warms to an area making a cosy environment. Deign names from left to right: Organic Blue Mushroom, Green Organic Botanical, Water colour Waves. 

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