Why you should choose a recycled chair?

3 Jan 2024

Recycled Chairs

Why you should choose a recycled chair?

When people think of plastic it is often in a negative way however we hope this blog will give you a new perception on how plastic can be used. when we think of plastic we often think of single use and pollution. Now we have found ways to take something like a plastic bottle which is only destined for the bin or worst our oceans! Ne now are able to use them to make something that can last and be valuable in our daily lives.

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Is there a demand for plastic chairs?

Who remembers the days being on an old plastic garden chair which was often a clunky white chair with no style and always destined to break. While we will not be able to see how much plastic there is in the world today it is clear that it is present in everyone's day to day lives. Plastic in the furniture sector has a growing demand and is often a reliable and affordable way for people to get their furniture. Due to the manufacturers, it is now possible for them product hundreds a minute to be able to keep up with the constant demand of this furniture. Here at Pub stuff wanted to find a way that was more sustainable and could use to the old plastic that was only causing pollution. While conducting research it showed that in Britain 3 quarters of our plastic could be made from recycled plastic in the future. Which leads us on to how can we make this possible.

What are we doing to make a more sustainable product?

At Pub stuff we recognised the problem, this is that plastic chairs can be great for businesses, they sturdy reliable chairs that can be very adaptive however the world doesn't need new plastic products. We wanted to create a chair that was able to sustain the weather and be easy to clean so any pub or venue could keep them in any environment. We know that often in these venues the product is put through its paces but also would need to be presentable and appealing to the eye. This is when we had the idea of our surf ocean chairs .

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The story of the surf ocean chair:

While being on holiday we noticed that there was an abundance of plastic washed up on the beaches and could help but feel upset by the images in front of us. We then started collecting plastic bottles to help clear the pollution and do our bit for the beautiful beach we had come across. When we got home, we wanted to see if we were able to help even more, this was then we got to work and started to make a plan.

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We decided that if we were able to support the people who pick up the plastic off the beaches and rivers and get it turned into plastic pellets. We would then be able to use it to create our new chair. We then take these pellets to be moulded into our new chair. We then had to tackle packaging so when we send the product it is in cardboard to cut down the use of plastic used and reduce waste.

We now have a development of our chair now have our stylish chair in 2 colours making it perfect for any venue. We can't wait to see the future of this chair and for it to be the lifeline in cafe's and venue who also want to support being environmentally friendly too!

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