University Contract Furniture

9 May 2022

When supplying University contract furniture, it is important to focus on the fact that University Canteens offer a variety of dining options – from breakfast through to dinner. So, our recommendation is usually to have a mixture of tables and chairs to help create different areas within the venue. Some areas focusing purely on dining and others on more relaxed social gatherings.

As University’s cater for hundreds of customers each day, it is crucial that the furniture chosen can withstand constant heavy use, of which we can guarantee all our products do, but it would be that we would consider this more so than style.

With this venue, it was important that the furniture we specified would complement the contemporary, industrial design scheme. We therefore suggested a variety of durable yet attractive items from our range of commercial furniture with a vintage or retro-style.

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We supplied Bishop Burton College with a mixture of wooden and metal furniture, and different heights to create different atmospheres within the space. For the most part of the dining area, we suggested a mixture of Cambridge Metal Cross Back dining chairs, Xavier Metal Chairs and Luigi Dining Chairs. The mixture of the three creates the minimalist feel they wanted but with the industrial style incorporated. All the chairs have padding to ensure they provide the ultimate comfort, whilst not making the refurb too expensive by having all Luigi dining chairs as these are the more expensive fully padded chairs.

Mixed with these dining chairs are Xavier Metal Bar Stools with our Chunky Poseur Tables to create a more relaxed space where students can congregate and perch, instead of sitting more formally to eat.

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In the far corner of the room is a comfortable area for those wanting a much more laid back time in the canteen. Filled with our Chesterfield Style Leather Sofas, Leather Spitfires and Lisbon dining chairs, mixed with Chunky Dining and Coffee tables, this area ticks all of the boxes.


Creating these different areas gives a variety of ‘vibes’ for the students wanting to either sit and eat, grab a coffee, have a little social catch up or a meeting, this canteen caters for all needs whilst still looking great and of course being comfortable!

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