University Furniture

1 Jun 2021

University furniture needs to reflect the creativity and flexibility of the learning experience whilst offering great recreational space to recharge.

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Typically classroom furniture in University's is regimented and not commonly that comfortable or robust! After many hours moving from one lecture to another, it is extremely important to give your students recreational areas that offer comfort and flexibility to unwind and socialise away from the pressures of learning.

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Food and Drink

Canteens and restaurants are often the hub of student living, a place to recharge and nourish the body and mind. The furniture here should be robust enough to withstand the heavy traffic passing through it but also the comfort and flexibility to suit changing group sizes. Chunky no fuss tables will allow modular dining where needed. Varying table heights such as poseur and dining options break up the uniformed look found in classrooms. Metal and wooden side chairs and stools are favourites, with the ability to easily move and stack when needed. Vibrant fabric colours are proven to stimulate creativity and brain function therefore keeping the learning mind fresh and alert.

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Halls and Reception

Hallways and reception areas can encourage student socialization and study. Rather than standing around in hallways in between classes, provide nooks and alcoves with comfy seating and low tables where students can sit in clusters for short rests as they chat. Those waiting for their next class can also revise in the hallway near the lecture rooms in comfort. Cube and cylinder seating is perfect for this teamed with coffee tables to pop your laptop or books on whilst waiting for your next class. 

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Student Common Rooms

Being away from home for long periods can be as much of a challenge for some as the learning experience. University's have recognised the importance of spaces that offer the comfort of home. Somewhere to hang out with friends, watch TV or simply chat about your day, comfy sofas and chairs are used around coffee and dining tables to encourage relaxation and social interaction. Remember, to get the best out of your students it is important to consider the overall well being of each individual by offering appropriate spaces for all student life.

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