What is a bistro chair?

8 Feb 2024

A bistro chair is a multipurpose, lightweight seat commonly found in tiny cafés and casual dining establishments. It is simple, attractive form and long-lasting construction invite you to relax with a coffee or meal. These lovely chairs have a long history dating back to the nineteenth century.

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Here are some important points about bistro chairs.

  1. The bistro chair originated in French cafes and bistros in the nineteenth century. Bistro furniture was built for indoor and outdoor use, giving it a versatile option for a variety of locations.
  2. Materials: Traditionally, bistro chairs were built of rattan and upholstered in natural or synthetic fibres. However, newer models may use plastic or metal materials while maintaining the classic shape.
  3. Our bistro chair at Pubstuff is made from high quality rubber wood and has been constructed to last in your busy venues. Ensuring for the best quality and comfort

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So let’s have a look what types of venues might want to venture for more of a bistro inspired chair and who appreciates this style.

Starting with the obvious café and bistro owners can go for a classic bistro appearance to fit their fitting brand. At Pubstuff we understand however that companies like to break the mould and that when our bistro range stands out. You can have any crib five fabric to your liking putting your own twist on this classic chair.

Restaurant patrons or anyone who enjoys a cup of coffee in a charming restaurant can see that these chairs are full of character and provide a comfortable spot to sit and relax. Interior designers can use these chairs to their advantages while designing venues. These compact chairs are the perfect solution to adding style while also maximising the covers you can have.

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Key benefits of bistro chairs:

  1. Compact and space saving
  2. Versatile style which can add flare top your venue.
  3. Comfortable for all your amazing guest while still being a hardy and durable chair.
  4. Looks like a classy and sophisticated chair.



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